Puha sprinkle sticks
  • Puha sprinkle sticks

    The crunchiest healthy snack around. We take the root of the organic Puha we grow and we toss it lightly in homemade apple and banana purée. Then we sprinkle the yummiest dried forage in the mix  like Roses , pansies, fennel, plantain , pineapple sage , mint, cleavers, lemon balm. We then tuck it into bed in the dehydrator and when it’s crispy and crunchy Rocket and Lunar taste test the batch and it’s ready to enrich your bunnies teeth and tummy. 
    The texture of the roots is perfect for teeth, it’s a good workout to ensure their molars are being used. 
    These have been such a favorite in the monthly boxes , we had to let everyone have a taste.