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About our bunny candy store

Forage NZ is dedicated to providing healthy, handmade treats for your small pets. As a bunny mum I was frustrated that when I went into pet stores there were only sugar-laden, preservative-ridden fake nasty treats for bunnies. I love making things with my hands for my Flemish giant house bunnies Willow and Charlie who have now crossed the rainvow bridge. I decided to try and make a range of products that were delish and at the same time healthy and enriched bunnies lives for other bunny mums and dads in NZ.

I started product development in a tent in the backyard and have now moved into a little shed. Everything is handmade from foraged ingredients either grown here at home or foraged in one of our many satellite gardens. I hand-drill every toy and pack every pouch, everything is handmade in our little shed or in my home and it is filled with love.

Our goal is to support the rabbit rescues in NZ with financial support for vaccination, desexing and vet care. We also supply forage to these rescues to spoil the buns in their care.

We have a range of mixes, toys, treat balls, first aid kits .We also have the only personalized bunny birthday cakes in New Zealand.

Some of our treats are suitable for your Guinea Pigs, Rats, Parrots and Chinchillas. Everything is made to order so it is very easy for us to custom make something for you.

Every purchase helps us to support the rabbit rescues ,so thank you for choosing to spoil your beloved pet with our natural handmade products.

Handmade with love in my home for your loved ones.

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