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Bunny First Aid Kit
  • Bunny First Aid Kit


    These kits have all you’ll need to stabilise your bunny in order to get to the vet and includes items to give you peace of mind if something happens to your bunny. Also included is a laminated guide on what to do in an emergency so you can feel confident while in this stressful situation. A one stop first aid kit, perfect for all bunny owners. If you have a bunny then you need this kit. Contains: 141g Oxbow Critical Care, 1 pouch apple baby food, 3 vitamin e capsules, 1 vial of saline cleaning solution, 1 full bottle of Infacol gas drops, 1 bag swabs, 1 x 3ml syringe, 1x 5ml syringe . 1 pack styptic matches, 1 x bunny badged first aid kit carry case.

    Rocket and Lunar will include a free gift.

    Shipping included in price.

    Color: Red
    SKU: Bunnyfirstaid
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      Once your payment clears in our account i will ship the next day.NZ post lead times are 1-3 business working days nationwide .Rural deliveries are + 1-2 working days

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