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Binky Balls
  • Binky Balls


    A pack of 12 handmade all natural and oat free truffle balls using a mix of Binky Bliss, fresh forage, Burgess pellets, banana and organic apple purée. Hand-rolled with a crispy center and coated in fresh flowers. They are then baked and dehydrated till they are chewy and delicious.These are a great way to treat your bun safely and with so much flavor.

    Don't be suprised if they run away and hide to enjoy their treat in private. Full of hay and fibre for healthy tummies . Why get snacks that have all the ingredients so ground up that it is like powder. Bunny teeth need fibre and big chunks of hay and dried forage means they get the nutrition and a teeth and jaw workout to save you from expensive dental bills and destroyed furniture .

    These are loved by so many bunnies in NZ.

    Also available for guinea pigs

    Shipping additional

    We only add a little of the amazing Burgess pellets for the vitamins and minerals and bind it all together with fresh organic yummies from the garden . All our ingredients are homegrown in New Zealand and handmade locally.

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      Once your payment clears in our account i will ship the next day.NZ post lead times are 1-3 business working days nationwide .Rural deliveries are + 1-2 working days

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