Imagine a candy store of bunny treats. No glue, no artificial additives, no chemicals.....  You have found it!

All our products are handmade using amazing fresh ingredients that are lovingly dehydrated until delish and crunchy. The focus is health with a fun and yummy approach. Our toys are focused on mental enrichment and dental health and our bliss mixes are perfect for happy bunny tummys.

Our emergency Bunny First Aid kits are there to give you the confidence to stabilise your bunny in an emergency so you can get to your vet.

The monthly Binky Bundles launching in May are a great way to trial lots of different treats to find your bunny favourite. We even have Bunny Birthday cakes to spoil them on their special day.

We are proud to support the hardworking rabbit rescues in New Zealand - the heroines and heroes that save bunnies every day.

Every purchase helps us to send care parcels and donations that help pay for the ever increasing costs they face.

Rocket and Lunar send a free gift with every purchase

Monthly NZ made subscription boxes available


Check out our shop to see everything we have to offer! If you can't find what you need then send us an email and let's work together to make it possible. Rocket and Lunar are ready and waiting to make your bunny's treat and toy dreams come true.


Auckland, New Zealand

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