Auckland, New Zealand

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  • Christmas Binky Box

    The Christmas Binky Box is now available for order
    $90 .50including shipping ( please add $3.90 for rural addresses when making payment ) 
    A box filled with treats, toys and bunderful goodness. Every year we sell out so make sure you get in quick.
    Everyone who has a subscription box in place please just let me know if you want to upgrade your December box to include the extra goodies we will be adding to the special Christmas box.
    As always please pay as you like :)
    Place your order online and then pay in full by the 1/12 in one full payment or in multiple payments across the next few months , whatever works best for you 
    . We will be shipping these before Christmas so they can go under the tree for your buns but be careful .... we had some buns steal a peek early so maybe don’t store them on the floor hahah 
    So excited for your bunnies to get a special gift just for them 
    Choose the Christmas box shipping option :) it’s $0 as the $10.50 is included in the box price :)