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Bunny Birthday Cakes
  • Bunny Birthday Cakes

    Spoil your bunny with a very special gift. These cakes are handmade and completely edible. Perfect for bunny birthdays, gotcha days and bunny weddings. Personalised with a message hand-burnt into the willow wood base. Including a Binky Pop, these cakes come with multiple yummy options for your bunny to fall in love with including fruit wood chew toys, flower kebabs and edible birthday candles. The base can be reused over and over again by picking fresh forage and putting it into the holes in the base.Themed cakes, like a fairy garden with Binky Ball toadstools and a flower pergola, enchanted forest with edible butterflies and willow bliss mountain and the favorite willow ball piñata hanging cakes are just a few of the cakes that have been ordered. So message us and let's design something amazing together. Handmade with love and the perfect way to say I love you to your special buns.
    Please note the photos represent a range of prices from $75 to $95
    North Island shipping is $18 extra.South Island shipping is $21. Rural $4.50 extra
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