3 month subscription Binky Bundle

3 month subscription Binky Bundle

$60 including delivery per month . You will receive a surprise gift in one of your 3 boxes to say thank you for your support. 

What if every month you could have a box of delicious bunny treats and toys delivered to your door? Using a combination of limited edition seasonal produce and our most popular products, your bunny will have a fantastic variety to choose from.Unlike most subscription boxes we don't have a minimum order. You can sign up for as long as you like and opt in and out by the order cut off date each month. You may only want it every 2 months and that's OK with us. This is a great way to try lots of little things and find your bunny's favourite. Ollie is modeling the Easter mystery box which shows you the kind of selections we will provide . 
These will be sent on the around the 25th of each month . Payment needs to be received in full by the 21st of the month to secure delivery , setting up an automatic payment is easiest . You can pay in installments during the month but must order by the 10th of each month 

I will check for payments and send a reminder or confirmation of payment before orders close each month 

Shipping / tracking included ($10.50)rural plus $3.70

Please use the following account for payment

Kiwibank 38 9019 0272701 03